In researching definitions for Tiny Homes I have found little in the way of "standardizing definitions" ...so here I would like to suggest these groups as a way to standard thinking about tiny home sizes. Not to homogonize anyones ideas, but a way to standardize reference points. This should aid in discussion and clarity as the modern Tiny House Revolution explodes!




  • Micro House: under 200 sf

  • Tiny House: under 500 sf

  • Sensible House: under 1,000 sf

  • Common size 'til mid 1990's: 1,000-2,000 sf

  • Average Current House: 2,000-3,000 sf

  • McMansion House:  over 3,000 sf (just don't)

Tiny House Trailer Dimension Guidelines



Click:          State by State Haul Regulations


Please check EACH state for individual restrictions



* Do NOT go over 13' feet 6" inch height MAX (for safety)

  • 8' 6" maximum safe width without permit throughout USA

  • 13' 6" maximum height to clear under interstates, bridges, overpasses, throughout USA


* In MOST states...

  • 8' 6" up to 10' feet wide * permit only

  • OVER 10' feet wide requires an * ESCORT

  • The map below is NOT confirmed. It is only a general guideline. Please check with individual states for updated, accurate information. 


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