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   Tiny Home Communities
These are people and communities I have personally visited.

More to come!

Ed Talking Tiny_edited.jpg

Ed & Emmye are fantastic! If you are interested in "geauxing tiny" in Alabama or Georgia I highly recommend you stop by and take a look at their tiny homes and communities. Plan to visit a while as they are both a wealth of information and assistance. The communities established are absolutely gorgeous!

Community First Village

A 51 acre (& growing) tiny home community for chronically homeless people, in the Austin, Texas outskirts. Alan Graham led by what he describes as a calling from God, has created what many believe is the ideal model for tiny home communities. A trail blazing, visionary arrangement.

Village Farm TH Community

Just down the street from Community First Village is a large, residential tiny home community called "Village Farm." Both are also very near the "Center for Maximum Building Potential Systems" or MAXPOT as it is known to locals. one of the first sustainability organizations in the country. This area is a tiny home mecca of information and sites to visit. 

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