Volstrukt "rolls" the frame!

Jayson levels the trailer at Volstrukts current facility. Soon they move a little north on Metric Blvd. and will have 3 times the warehouse space. TONS of galvanized steel frame tiny homes to be built!

The clerestory window frame, see below for images of the actual stained glass that will fill these spaces. I cannot WAIT to see light streaming through these beautiful vintage windows. HAPPY DANCING!

"Sketchup" rendering of the 'tall wall' or 11 foot high, curb side wall. The fold down/up porch cover will hinge between the clerestory windows and the top of the French doors.

Everyone got in on the act :-) FUN day... so exciting to see something 5 years in the making, finally come to fruition! God is SOOOO good!!!

The day of the roll... I could not stop smiling! Just had the giggles all day. Now to find a place to park the tiny :-) Leaving that one up to God too.... prayers work!

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