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2016 is gonna RULE~!

As 2016 begins I am SO thankful to have survived 2015 and EXCITED that the tiny house build started! Here are some updated photos as of Christmas 2015. Today I will pick up some live edge cedar siding for the exterior and Lord willing start on the roof and siding today or tomorrow. It's a WONDERFUL journey and one I highly recommend to anyone considering building a THOW :-) Happy New Year!!!

LOTS of sanding to prep gorgeous old and newer French doors. The 2 that had paint on the windows are going to be the 2 that open/close for entry/exit. The other 3 doors will be static, mounted over the wheel well/fender.

The renderings are updated to reflect actual materials more accurately. Live edge cedar siding, old barn corrugated metal on the lower 3-4' of the exterior, stain glass windows all over, 5 French doors side by side on the curb side, one tall 8' French door on the back wall.


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