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Le Bacon Bungalow au crépuscule

When many folks begin to dream about "living tiny" there is an inescapable romantic notion of what it will look and feel like. BOY does that change along the way! Not a bad thing... just different. I am currently living in my tiny home with a mostly finished exterior (sans clerestory stained glass windows... which I have and have yet to install) and a barely started interior. No plumbing or electrical yet. I did not want the wires and pipes in the wall, too hard to see if there is a problem and way too much damage can happen to the area surrounding a problem if/when it happens.

Living in unfinished interior... but it's my own bed, my own home. BLESSED beyond measure. Thank you Lord!!!

So my plumbing and electrical will be out side the wall and inside the house. If there is a leak it will be readily viewable and easier to access for repair. The electric will be run in pipes for an industrial look and as a way/place to hang things from the pipes... double win!

Here are photos of the Bacon Bungalow in her new spot on 4.6.16. I love it!!! Peaceful, lovely setting in a privately owned RV park. And a photo of the reality when building a tiny home on your own... sometimes you have to live in construction chaos for a little while. It's OK ...sleeping in ones on bed is worth it! Peace, Luv & Tiny on!!!

"Le Bacon Bungalow au crépuscule"

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